Folder Actions Manager

Folder Actions Manager v1.0 (Download)

 For Mac OS X v10.2
September 6, 2002 (Now discontinued)

Just in case you missed it, Folder Actions are back in Mac OS X version 10.2, aka Jaguar.

They are included as a scriptable system event, but they’re kind of out of the way. Apple gave us some scripts for the Scripts Menu to control them. Unfortunately they are a little cumbersome compared to the control-click connivence of Mac OS 9. So, I wrapped the supplied scripts into a tiny Apple Script Studio application. It was tiny and only took about 10 minutes to do. But it is so useful, I though I’d share it with you all.


Screen Shot:


System Requirements:
A Macintosh running a minimum of Mac OS X v10.2 or higher.

Install Folder Actions Manager:
Decompress the disk image with Stuffit Expander. Then mount the disk image. Finally, copy Folder Actions Manager to your hard drive, preferably in your Applications folder.
Launch Folder Actions Manager by double clicking it.

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