BlogScript v1.6.1 (download)

For Mac OS X v10.2
Jan 11, 2003


This is an AppleScript that was designed to function on Mac OS X v10.2. BlogScript uses the built in XML-RPC power of OS X and its new Toolbar Script feature. BlogScript’s main purpose is to allow users of’s weblog and news site management system to post directly from a users desktop, or from anywhere for that matter. It allows the user to copy any text from any application and by making a single menu selection have the weblog entry posted automatically, instantly. It is fast, powerful, and amazingly handy. You must be a registered user of Blogger and have the “save ftp password” preference enabled in your Blogger preferences on the site to be able to publish your weblog remotely.

Version Changes:

  • Now Jaguar Compatible

System Requirements:

A Macintosh running a minimum of Mac OS 10.2. (pre 10.2 users can download this version) BlogScript will not function on previous version of Mac OS because if it’s use of advanced XML-RPC features. You must be logged in as an Administrator. (if you only have one user, you are the administrator) A blogger account and Internet access are also required.

Install BlogScript: and Install the Mac OS 10.2 Script Menu and become familiar with it’s functions if you haven’t already.
2. Place BlogScript vX.scpt into the Script the scripts folder in your user folder. Tip: “Open Scripts Folder” is an option under the default Script Menu.
3. Launch the BlogScript script by selecting it from the Script Menu. It will ask you to configure the settings for BlogScript. Make sure you have your Blogger login information ready.


There are a few items to configure for BlogScript. They are your Blogger user name, password, weblog, URL, and a few other little things. The user name and password are the same ones that you use to log into Blogger at Enter each item into the appropriate box. Next make your weblog selection. BlogScript will display a dialog listing all of your weblogs. If you only have one weblog, it will automatically be the default. That’s it!

Using BlogScript:

It is actually quite simple to use BlogScript. All you have to do is copy a block of text from any application. Then, select BlogScript from the Script Menu and your text will be automatically posted to your weblog.
That means you can use your favorite text editor to update your weblog or news site and you will never have to login, launch a browser, or even switch applications to post it to your weblog. But you are not limited to a text editor, if you can copy it, you can post it. That means you can copy quotes, url’s, news articles, anything; right into your web site.


Q: How do I reconfigure BlogScript?
A: Delete the file “BlogScriptPref” from your user preferences folder. (˜/Preferences/BlogScriptPref)

Q: How do I configure BlogScript for a Manilla or Movable Type weblog?
A: Simple. When BlogScript prompts you to enter the url for the XML-RPC server, just enter the entire url to the CGI (example for Movable Type would be: ) Thats it!

Q: Can I manage multiple weblogs?
A: Sure, but it’s a little tricky. Create a copy of the BlogScript script and name it something like “BlogScript Blog2”. Now open it in Script Editor (double click it) and edit the “PrefFileName” property near the top to something like “BlogScriptPref2”. Now save your script and add it to your scripts folder alongside the original copy. Now you have a second configuration.

Q: I found a problem with BlogScript, who do I contact?
A: Send a detailed description of your system and your problem to me.

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I’d like to especially thank Steve Zellers of Apple Computer, John Gruber of Bare Bones Software, Ben Trott of Movable TypeEvan Williams of Blogger, and of course Dave Winer XML-RPC and Userland software creator. Thank you all for taking the time to help. Other contributors include Rob Jorgenson, Gregory Blake, Andy Warwick, Joe Peichel, and Curt Siffert. Thanks crew!

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